Finishing Touches: A-10

My original plan of action this morning was to finish up the decal application on both the F-15 and F-16. With one week remaining until my feared one year anniversary of the A-10 builds’ beginning, I chose to keep with the script and get this kit finished. It’s looking like a weekend finish is very likely.

The morning started by attaching both external fuel tanks. Not a huge project, but it’s one less step crossed off the list. Next were the tires. I tried, and failed, a little weathering project yesterday with some thinned down flat white. Horrible would be a proper term for my results. When the tires were dry, I repainted them for another go this morning. The second time around, I used Tamiya snow to give the faded look from the sun with rust to give add in some dirt.

It seems like I just can’t keep track of 100% of the parts for my kits anymore. Here is THE PERFECT example of the reasoning behind our stashes. So not one, but three gear doors went missing during this build. To be honest, I am not totally sure they were there to begin with. Regardless, I have three spares A-10 kits that I can pillage from. Luckily, the Heller kit that I used for this build is the same exact kit as the Airfix kit. Problem solved. So it was out to paint for the gear doors. The interiors were sprayed with Flat White yesterday, while the exteriors had to be brushed with Olive Drab this morning. I’m all out of the rattle can Olive Drab!

The final project for the morning was an MXU-648 cargo pod. I wanted to add a little visual on the ground somewhere and using this will be perfect. The assembly was done yesterday and sanded this morning. I took it out to the garage and gave it a coat of Dark Aircraft Grey. My sanding work will get checked a little later to see if I need to hit any areas again. Basic weathering will take place after that.

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