Squeezing In Some Workbench Time

There wasn’t a whole lot of time to devote to workbench activities today so it was a short, to the point session with the A-10, Focke Wulf, and P-70. The A-10 was first up with final touch-ups and one last coat of clear matte. The insides of the gear doors were painted white and the external fuel tanks were detailed as well. After I very carefully brush Future over all the white areas, it will be time for final assembly. YAY!

With the P-70 already showing signs of impending frustration, I am thinking ahead and leaving out the unseen. You can see that I ruthlessly cut the top off of the bulkhead in the nose. It was that or fill a massive gap. And I do mean massive. The radar operator’s cabin will also be left out. We can’t really see it in the end so to save my sanity, it will be jettisoned. I left everything to dry and I will hopefully get the fuselage halves affixed tonight while at work.

The Focke Wulf was a real quick effort today. The fuselage halves were joined together and the aircraft was set aside. DML kits don’t enter my work space often and I find that to be a shame. Every time I build one, I get reminded of how nice it is to build them. I shouldn’t have any issues with the seams of the fuselage that I can see. A quick sand should take care of any issues. That will get addressed tonight at work, along with the P-70. After tonight, I will have 58 hours in at work for the week so I am very grateful that I am writing this post!

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