Same Results, Different Weekend

As with last weekend, this weekend has been my only chance to get some much-needed work completed. The week was just too busy. I had a nice respite with the wifey in Holland, MI yesterday so it was back to the workbench this afternoon.

The A-10 is ever so close to being finished with Dark Green getting sprayed today. That’s the last of paint for now. Touch-ups will come, but we are finally nearing the end here. I have divided and conquered many obstacles with this build over the past year. Mostly self-created, I will add. So what’s next? Lots and lots of unmasking. From there it will be decals. Final assembly should be very quick with basically everything already assembled. Landing gear and external fuel tanks are about all I will have to mess with.

It was a super fast, minute long session with the F-16 and F-15 today. The noses were masked and sprayed with success. The masking will be removed tonight or tomorrow and I will spray a good coat of clear gloss to prepare for the decal application. As with the A-10, these two are getting very close to being displayed.

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