Weekend Warrior II

Day two of the weekend proved to be a success. I picked up where I left off at the airbrush and then some. Again, the A-10 was first up to make sure that I get this build finished as soon as possible. Euro I Gray was sprayed and the airplane was set aside to dry. Dark Green is next with a date at the airbrush for tomorrow.

The F-15 is finished with its camouflage and just needs the nose painted now. I had a bit of a hiccup with the Dark Tan and had to touch it up a little. I am still learning the nuances of my new Aztek airbrush so I had a case of spattering from a clogged nozzle. Another boo-boo was getting off course from the camouflage pattern. All fixed now so it’s time to get that nose painted.

The P-70 and Ta-152 received a little spotlight time at the workbench as well. Cockpits were finished up and affixed to one half of the fuselage. The Ta-152 looks like it will be nice to me. The P-70 on the other hand…yikes! There is a good size gap on the underside that will need to be fixed before I can wed the two halves. Some surgery will most certainly need to be performed.

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