Weekend Warrior

Well, my intentions were pure on getting more completed since my last post. It seems like the weekends are the only time that I can really give 100% now. This week was kind of hectic with chiropractor appointments and a dinner at church, so nothing was accomplished. Yesterday was the start of my weekend so I did some much-needed work at the airbrush.

The A-10 remains at the forefront in priority. Five weeks are all that I have left before I hit the one year mark. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! I went to Hobby Lobby to get the Olive Drab that I was lacking and went ahead and applied that yesterday. Color two will commence tomorrow sometime.

The F-15 is cruising along with its second color. I used Pale Green and it seems a bit too dark. My hope is that it tones down a bit with some weathering. Maybe after I apply the Dark Tan tomorrow it will look a little better. The nose cone will need painted eventually. I have been looking at reference photographs and I will need to address that detail.

The F-16 is almost done with paint. The camouflage scheme is finished and all that remains for paint is the nose. I will get that masked off and wait for the F-15 to spray both noses at once. I’m quite happy to see this aircraft painted.

So the P-70, F-22, and Ta-152 are coming along slowly. I worked some more on the cockpits this afternoon. Tomorrow should open up to some assembly on all three. Ideally, I’d like to get some fuselages affixed as well. High hopes, I know.

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