Inching Forward

The workbench hasn’t been as busy as I would like to see it lately. That whole “life” thing just keeps getting in the way! When I have a limited window of opportunity, I try to knock out little projects within the builds. It gives me the satisfaction that I am advancing the aircraft, even if it is in a smaller sense. Every little bit adds up.

Last night started very quickly with the A-10 getting some flat white touched up on the underside and the back of the engine nacelles. The clock is ticking on this build as I am approaching the one year anniversary of its start. Not a good thing to celebrate! Last years spring break to Branson, Missouri was its debut and I don’t intend to pack it up for this years trek to Gettysburg. It MUST get finished soon! The display base is almost complete so that is a major plus. I will attempt to finish the masking tonight and maybe, just maybe, get out to the airbrush tomorrow.

My other small project was masking all the clear parts for the Focke Wulf, F-22, and        P-70. Certainly not a massive undertaking. I actually enjoy masking canopies. It’s a healthy challenge for me. There wasn’t much to take on last night with a quick masking session. The nose of the P-70 will be painted so that was one less piece to address. My goal is to sink a little deeper with these three this weekend. The F-16 and F-15 are on the docket as well with final paint prep.

2 thoughts on “Inching Forward

  1. Wow that is some tough items to tape that detailed. I think what makes your models so nice is the paint work, filler work and detail! I paint cars and handpainting pinstripe is one of the toughest things we do!. You cut that 1/8th stripe in half! Keep up the good work!

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