Making Headway

The workbench has been active over the last few days with great steps being taken across the board. The P-70 is my lone project to remain silent this week. Not bad. The     F-15 and F-16 are well on their way to final paint. Just a few minor touch-ups and I will transition over. The F-16 had its air intake finished up and the belly stabilizers affixed on Tuesday. The instructions for both builds will be double checked to make sure that nothing was overlooked. I better get the airbrush up and running soon!

The A-10 has finally made an appearance back on the workbench. I spent a good hour going back and forth with all the reference photos to get some good ground covered on the masking. The good thing is that it looks like there is no exact method to the real life process so I don’t have to worry much about total accuracy. There is plenty of masking to be done. Working in sections seems to be the plan for right now. The next section to cover will be the engine nacelles. I need to apply some more flat white first to cover some thin spots that I noticed. After that it’s game on.

The F-22 made its own debut finally. Not much was accomplished with just the parts getting clipped from the sprue trees. I’d like to see them make their way onto some alligator clips and get some preliminary paint applied this weekend. A very achievable goal in my opinion.

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