Cockpits and Canopies

It was back to some smaller progress yesterday with work beginning on installing the canopies to the F-15 & F-16. The morning kicked off with some final paint in the cockpits. I painted everything with flat black and let both builds sit and dry for a few hours. After the paint had cured, the HUD’s were carefully installed and left to dry. With the two kits aside for the moment, I focused on the canopies themselves.

Both canopies were masked months ago and I finally got around to finishing what I started. I shot them with some clear gloss to seal in around the mask. Once that dried, I came back with a light coat of flat black for the interior color of the canopy. I left them to dry until the evening when I removed the masking tape from the inner portion of the canopy to clean the inside up. I used pledge to remove any dust or glue residue and then proceeded to apply a layer of Future for a nice shine. Normally I tend to forget to do this step and end up with filthy looking canopies. There are a few more steps to address on both builds before I can officially affix the canopies. I will shore all that up today and hopefully get them installed tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

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