Starting the P-70

Well, the back injury is healing up decently with everyday getting a little easier to move around. Workbench activity has been very sparse since my last post but I did seize the opportunity to begin some preliminary work on the P-70.

I cautiously returned to work last Thursday night and brought the P-70 along with me. Basic fuselage interior painting began on the first night. The second night saw some construction accomplished. The wings, engine nacelles, and horizontal stabilizers were assembled and await the sand paper now. I am looking forward to getting further involved with the P-70. The kit looks fantastic so far. It’s a little early to hand out awards here but I am digging this build.

12 thoughts on “Starting the P-70

  1. Put the last part on the Skip Jack last night! A little touch up and she is ready to display! I am so happy! You probably have built a couple dozen while I tried my hand at a wood kit! Looking good on your end, you got the fever bad if your taking them to work! 🙂

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    • Congrats! I’m sure you’ve got me beat! It’s been a few months since I have finished a kit.
      I have quite a bit of free time at work so it’s nice to bring a kit to work on to get a little further. Many of my builds have partially been worked on while at work.

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  2. I bought 50 kits a few months ago, I sold some and have about 20 left, no way I can build them all LOL. I got a few models that are built and need repairs and I promised myself nothing would touch the bench till the “Skip” was done. You should check it out I have a B-1 that is a Revell from Germany brand new unsealed.
    Work on them when you can thats passion few have.

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    • I have been thinning out my stash a bit too. I just got rid of my B-1. The bigger kits are great, but they take up so much room. I kind of went through on evaluated what I will actually get to building in the future. Out of 300ish kits, I sold maybe 40. And bought more with the proceeds! It’s never ending!
      That’s a great motto to have. Things can get out of hand when you keep adding builds while others need completed. I try to stick with that same creed.

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