Back to Business

With my back feeling a bit better today, I gathered up the F-16 & F-15 for a Lazy Boy play date. It was nice to be back in the fray with some quality build time. Injuries are a terrible thing to go through and this one is opening my eyes to the reality that I am aging. I don’t view myself as old, but I am starting to notice the annoying signs of it!

So back to the builds. The F-16 was first with the least amount of work to be done. The horizontal stabilizers were the primary focus for the day. They went on successfully with zero issues. The last project was to do a little filling on the vertical stabilizer and the conformal fuel tanks. Both areas should be pretty painless to even out.

The F-15 had a tiny bit more to accomplish today. The vertical stabilizers were nice to see get installed. There were gaps to fill so I chose to wait on affixing the horizontal stabilizers. After that, it was on to some filling. Aside from the stabilizers, the underside of the wing roots needed addressed. I would like to take care of the sanding this evening so I can start fresh tomorrow with some more construction. Regardless, I’m happy with the status of both kits. As soon as I can comfortably sit up, the masking on the A-10 will be first priority. I will be grabbing a few materials for the base tonight and hope to start that soon as well.

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