Back Problems Can’t Stop Me

I’d love to say that I have made some great progress since my last post but that is the absolute opposite of the truth. To be completely accurate here, zero progress has been achieved. My back kind of regressed quite a bit and it felt like I was back to the beginning of recovery. It’s been strict rest over the weekend and last night was the first time that I could walk without severe pain. With my little window of relief and really not being able to get the F-16 and F-15 out, I opted to search for the next two builds. There have been quite a few kits that I have acquired over the last few months that were screaming at me, but here are the two that I decided on.

First is Academy’s 1/72 F-22 Raptor. This model has been in my stash for about four years and I’m not sure why it hasn’t been built already. I am a big fan of the F-22 and am excited to get moving on this build. Academy put some great effort into the details with the multitude of parts included. There will be a great dedication of time with this build.

Next is a Revell’s 1/72 P-70 Nighthawk. This has been on my want-list for a long time and I was very happy to see the new release of it. My previous searches were for the vintage Revell kit. I never found a good deal on it so, fortunately, I never purchased one. When I saw the recent release from Revell, I paid retail and obtained one. I haven’t dug too deep in this one yet to see how quality of a kit I have here. Hopefully I can get a little father today. This looks like it will be a fun build and the paint will be a new challenge that I am creating for myself. I want to give a little depth so I will be painting different shades of black to achieve that. Some heavy weathering will suit this P-70 well too.

2 thoughts on “Back Problems Can’t Stop Me

  1. I am down to the last 6 pages of the directions on the Skip Jack! Fixed 3 other ship models, two have to go to the paint area. I am happy as can be.
    Do you wear a back brace? Helps me and my wife get healed up and keeps you from injuring it worse while it heals.
    Good progress hope you heal soon.

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    • You’re really moving there! I’m envious.
      I don’t use a back brace at the moment. I don’t want my muscles to depend on it. This was my first experience with my back going out and the pain has been tremendous. I really don’t know if I could handle another go of this. I think I will purchase one for the future. Today has been a good day so far. I’m able to get out of the chair without severe shooting pain. I think a few more days of rest and I’ll be back to normal.


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