Small Gains

Yesterday was another simple and straight forward sit down with the F-16 & F-15. Both builds had a little bit of sanding completed before heading out for some primer. I chose to wait on filling any portions of the F-16’s CFT’s until after primer. It will be a delicate operation to fill any gaps so I don’t want to add any filler where it isn’t needed. No need to make any hassles for myself there.

The F-15’s wing roots are sanded and primed. They looked pretty good with wet paint on so we’ll see how they look dry. The nose cone was affixed two days ago and all minor gaps were filled yesterday. Provided all looks well today, I think it would be prudent to get the horizontal and vertical stabilizers attached.

4 thoughts on “Small Gains

  1. I bought some items from a Hobby Shop in Brooklyn. Having to do some repairs on a USN Vehicle Landing Craft LCM3. How many different battle ship navy gray colors are there? We just ended up making our own color at our Auto Body Repair Shop. I don’t know how you have the patience for those tiny airplanes and an airbrush!

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