Day 3

Getting back to the workbench is always a comforting feeling. Especially when the builds are cooperating. It may just be that I am just refreshed and can take on more of a project now. Either way, my hands are active again and that is wonderful!

Usually at the start of the new year I will review the spoils of my previous year. 2017 was a rough year here at Amateur Airplanes. The whole year only saw seven kits finished. Yikes! It’s not a numbers game but it is far and away the least productive year since starting back seven years ago. So we’ll let bygones be bygones and keep moving forward.

To start the day off, I chose to get some work done on the F-15. The nose was sanded and primed with success this morning. I picked it back up this afternoon and affixed the fuel pods to the fuselage. It doesn’t look like I will be given any free passes with this kit and that is certainly okay. Fit issues will be a recurring dream at every step and this was no exception. They are very workable gaps so I am not too concerned.

The F-16 was next up with one very straight forward step. Wings. There isn’t too much to say about putting the wings on so I won’t try. They are affixed and will need some filler in the roots. Nothing serious. The fuel pods will get a test fit tomorrow so I may not even need filler. They might cover the gaps.

The A-10 at least got a start to the masking project this afternoon. There will be some more extensive masking to be done throughout the next few days and then final paint can begin again.

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