So Long 2017!

Well good afternoon everyone! A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s to you all. Hopefully Santa was nice to all of you. It has certainly been a while since I last posted anything (three months and two days to be exact). While I haven’t been reporting my very sparse progress, I have still been working on my builds here and there. It was kind of a perfect storm of the holidays and work to snuff out any workbench time. I can’t officially say that I am ready to dive back in fully, but my intentions are solid.

So let us refresh a bit. When I last left off, the A-10 was in final paint with the gloss white. Epic failure there. That may have helped with my lackluster efforts in the past few months. It was deflating to get such crummy results. The paint didn’t apply well and I ended up botching it all after multiple attempts at saving it. I will do the proper thing and start over with paint in its entirety.  This time I will apply the white first and mask it off. That will work out much better. A good sanding to knock down the edges and remove the decals is in order to start with.

The other two kits on the workbench were the F-15 and F-16. Progress has been made on both of these build through the months. Not much progress but I did get something accomplished. I spent a little time this morning with some sanding and filling. The F-16 now has its spine attached and the absurd gap has been filled. The F-15’s air intakes were attached, sanded, and filled as well. My hope is to tackle both of those projects tonight and get some primer applied.

I feel like I am in a great spot to return to as my time frees up a bit. Work remains busy as the steel industry grows stronger but I won’t complain about that. Having a job is a good thing. I’m envisioning short sessions at the workbench for now. Maybe a marathon here and there.

12 thoughts on “So Long 2017!

  1. I just got back to my build the Skip Jack was getting lonely. Hectic 2017 for sure. I helped out a friend who had a 40 year collection of model kits and bought the first 50. I have some cool one off’s and some finished models that need repair so I promised myself I would finish the Skip Jack first. If anyone is interested I have about 20 left on E-bay, message me or e-mail and I will send you link. Better luck this year!

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