R.I.P. Badger

The life of my Badger airbrush is officially over. Yup. In its death, I think I figured out the underlying reason to all of my issues that I was experiencing. While I was applying the Euro I Gray to the A-10, I was having mega issues with air pressure. Literally, one second it would spray just fine and three seconds later there would be zero paint flowing through. Going back and forth adjusting pressure and paint consistency, my problem presented itself.

Upon removing the paint jar to add some more reducer, the port snapped off the housing. My theory is that through general wear and tear of inserting and removing the paint jars over the years, a crack developed. It’s been heavily relied upon for the past seven years so it did have a good and justified life. The crack would definitely explain the issues that I have been experiencing as well. Loss of air through the fracture would result in the spattering I was getting.

So as of now I have a loaner airbrush from my Dad. The A-10 will get stage one of painting finished so I can start decals and weathering. By then I should have my new airbrush to use on stage two. My mind is made up on the Aztek from Testors so some price comparing is in order over the next few hours.

8 thoughts on “R.I.P. Badger

  1. I would say it looks like it can be saved! It looks like the weld failed, but the parts look straight (but I can be wrong)! Badger has a very good customer service and I have a 20 years old 100LGF that is on its 2nd needle, needle seal and nozzle that is also so used that the trigger slot has a lot of material missing from one of the sides – but it continues to work flawlessly. If the parts are brass (badger parts usually are) they could be soldered back together.
    If you decide to get a new one, try several before committing to buy one (check how well it atomizes paint and how it feels in your hand).

    Good luck!

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    • Thank you! It’s not as clean of a break as it looks. I thought the same thing at first but when you look close you can see some rough spots. It has been a great airbrush but I have been looking at getting a new one for a while now. This just forced my hand. I bought an Aztek so we’ll see how that goes when it gets here. I think I will also buy an Iwata for a backup. I’ve heard good things about both. I will definitely look into seeing if I could get the Badger fixed. It couldn’t hurt to have three guns. It’s been a good airbrush. I hate to see it go.


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