Digging Deeper 

Another quick engagement last night has the F-16 & F-15 off to a good start. There wasn’t a whole lot to accomplish so this will be a short post. Both builds are looking good and some lingering angst with the F-15 is starting to dissipate.

The F-16 was first with the instrument panels and some landing gear bay parts being installed. After that, the fuselage halves were joined together and secured with tape to dry. Joyful sanding will commence tonight.

The F-15 came in next with some sanding. My angst that I mentioned earlier was with this kit. The orientation of the fuselage assembly on kits like this just frustrate me. I have been dreading what was to come since beginning this kit. What I am talking about are the seams. When they are on top (along the spine of the aircraft) they are much easier to manipulate when assembling them together. They are also easier to sand. Aircraft like the F-15, which are wider, have the seams on the sides of the plane. Much more difficult to adjust when attaching them. Especially along the nose section. Times like these you just have to suck it up and do your best. It turned out favorable in my case this time. It looks like the port side is the only side that needs to be seriously looked after. The starboard side sanded up well and I’m hoping it checks out when I get some primer applied.

The port seam was sanded as best as I could get it and then a good application of filler was added. That will get sanded tonight and then out for primer.

4 thoughts on “Digging Deeper 

  1. I had the same problem with Monogram F/A-18 fuselage. Top and bottom fuselage parts instead of left and right. I felt a lot of angoisse, but that was back in the 80s.

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