The Workbench is Alive

Having Mondays off during the school year has become my time to perform the bulk of my workbench sessions. With my wife (Kindergarten Teacher) and kids at school, I am left with the whole day to use at my leisure. That usually involves a good 2-3 hours working on my various builds. Well, today was no different and I feel quite accomplished with this mornings progress.

So first things first…the A-10. That is my main focus now that the Blackhawk is finished. Being in final paint makes it a lot easier to stick to that goal. The liquid mask was put to the test with unspectacular results. It certainly did the job but the result is the same as if I had used masking tape. There were also over-spray spots that I had to address later on. It was worth a shot but I think I will try to freehand the camouflage. Another good cleaning is in order for the airbrush and I will just take some time and dial the air pressure in until it works. That will come likely Saturday. I am all out of Euro I Grey so I need to order some before I can even attempt to start painting again.

The main progress today came in the F-15 and F-16. Cockpits have begun detail and assembly with the instrument panel decals getting applied as well. Secondary work went towards external fuel tanks, wings, and ordinance. I grabbed a set of IDF ordinance from Skunk Models for the F-15. I think I’m set with the F-16’s weapons. Being that it will be in the Tiger Meet markings, I doubt that it had a full load-out. With a little more research, I should get that squared away quickly.

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