Scratch-building is such a handy skill to have when you are building models. For those of you that do it regularly, kudos to you. It’s a very time-consuming project to take on but it is certainly essential at times. In my case, the A-10’s iconic gun needs to be covered up.

Never will I claim to be a pro at this but something simple like what is needed, I think I can handle. The first step was to figure out what to use to create the cover. With basic right angles, strip styrene provided the easiest approach. I grabbed a strip of 0.8mm X 4.8mm to begin with. The next and more difficult step was to create the curve of the nose onto the styrene. Here is where a readily available spares box comes in handy. The kit that I pillaged for the nose strut became a much-needed template. Using one of the fuselage halves, I traced the nose onto the styrene to give me a rough idea where to cut.

After the initial piece was trimmed off, I needed an identical match for the second side. A simple trace and cut and we’re moving along now! Once both side pieces were cut and sanded, I glued each to the side of the same size styrene. A front and top piece added with some 1mm X 1.5mm styrene to add some strength and we have a rough-looking cover.

After everything dried, it was time for a dry fit. A little trimming and sanding led to an acceptable fit. Not perfect by any means and I will need to spend a lot more time finishing it, but I am happy with what I made. It is definitely odd to see on the aircraft but it is an essential part to this build.

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