Keeping My Focus

The workbench is to the point where only small projects are available and I am doing my best to knock them out as they come along. Tonight was a great example of that with all three remaining builds getting some work accomplished. It feels great to be hitting all my daily goals.

The night started off with the Hind heading out to get a coat of clear matte. The weathering will be taken care of tomorrow. In the meantime, I worked on the rotors…again. With the change-up in paint scheme came a change in the rotors. The Russian Hind had me painting the main rotor blades and tail rotor gray. The Polish Hind calls for dark green main rotor blades and Flanker blue for the tail rotor. The transition has been started and some of the detail work was done tonight.

The Blackhawk was about a ten minute project with the top of the windscreen getting sanded and the window to the repaired door being installed. After that, I masked over the window and primed where I sanded. This kit should really start moving soon.

The A-10 was last with the wing roots being sanded some more. The canopy frame also saw some sanding. The whole canopy needs to look like it is wrapped in one piece so I need to smooth it down. The kit traveled back out to primer after that. I am very pleased with my steps so far.

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