Tragedy Fixed

The broken tail of the A-10 was priority number one this afternoon and I did not disappoint myself. In all actuality, it was one of the easier fixes that I have had to partake in. Sanding went smooth and easy so I should be able to put this behind me. The canopy and nose also saw some final sanding as well.

The wings were the next big step to take and they are a little worrisome with the gaps in the wing roots. I ended up needing to re-glue them this evening to try and fill the gaps a little better. I don’t want to rely on just filler to keep them attached to the fuselage. I foresee some extra care being taken on that subject.

The Hind and the Blackhawk were shortly worked on today. The Hind received its decals this afternoon. Very few to apply made for a quick session. I’m digging this scheme. The Blackhawk had some sanding done and then straight out to the garage for some primer. There still remains a few hours of sanding but I’m getting there.

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