Sort of playing the role of Robin Hood tonight, I robbed from three of my stash kits to give to the three remaining builds at the workbench. It’s not the most ideal strategy to take from a fresh model, but that is one of the reasons for a stash right? So I grabbed an A-10, Blackhawk, and Hind from the stacks and proceeded to pillage what I needed.

We’ll start off with the Blackhawk. Many moons ago when I last worked on this build, I managed to break one of the window frames off the door. I have no clue as to what I was doing to cause this but here we are. So a new door was needed. The correct door was removed and obviously needed to be customized to fit. My razor saw made quick work and it was just a little fine tuning with some sand paper for a proper fit. I left the window out to hopefully prevent the windscreen from fogging from the super glue. If there happens to be any, I will use some Future to clean it up.

The A-10 was second in line tonight with some encouraging progress. The filler on the nose was sanded for what I am hoping is the final time. After that, I added some ballast to the nose and installed the canopy. I set that aside to dry and focused my attention on the engine nacelles. The sanding went pretty well, in my opinion, and I think I may be able to affix them to the fuselage tomorrow. The thievery tonight wasn’t a major piece in itself. All I needed was an external fuel tank. I have one from my spares box already but I needed an extra for the diorama. The fuel tank was assembled and set aside while I took the nacelles and fuselage out to get some primer applied.

The next stolen part was for the Hind. Sometime in the last week, I lost the cap to one of the rocket pods. Now we’re all squared away with all four assembled, sanded, and primed. The wheels were next with the hubs getting painted green and I will finish the tires off tomorrow with a good application of rubber. The helicopter itself should make its way out to the airbrush tomorrow as well.

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