The workbench had a flurry of detail activity this afternoon with impactful results. This was my longest session in a while, coming in at about two hours. The flow was perfect so why quit? I did just stick to the Cobra, Huey, and Eurocopter though. The Hind has just a bit more to go before I begin final paint but I figured that with what was accomplished today will open up plenty of time to dedicate to this build.

In general terms, the Cobra is finished. All final assembly and touch-up painting were finished today. For obvious reasons, I want the paint to dry overnight and I will do some touch-up weathering tomorrow. After that, it’s time for the photo-shoot.

The Huey and Eurocopter began final assembly with the Huey leading the way just a tad. The main rotor needs to be affixed and some final weathering applied. The Eurocopter is 98% complete with final assembly. The rotors are the remaining parts to be affixed. Touch-up painting will be the main activity tomorrow. There were quite a few pitot tubes and different fuselage bits to affix that need to be painted. Both the Huey and Eurocopter should be quick subject tomorrow with both being completed.

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