Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s

Another great Saturday afternoon at the workbench again. It’s been quite a change since I entered back into the helicopter builds. I expected to start slow and not pick up the pace so quick. Here we are though, two weeks back and I have three builds almost complete with a fourth not far behind. The feeling of success is welcomed and much-needed to keep building confidence and motivation.

The workbench was a nice leap into the detail painting of the builds. The rotors were the bulk of the work but the Cobra saw its exhaust and mini-gun get painted. It should get wrapped up tomorrow. There are a few minor details to take care of but I can see a reveal coming in the next day or two.

The Hind received what I believe to be its last application of primer. I will sit down tonight and prep all the parts for final paint which I hope to start tomorrow. The rocket pods were sanded and primed today as well so I can now move on with those too. It will be great to see final paint started on this one.

As for the Huey and Eurocopter, they were the easiest to work on today. Straight forward sprays of Testors Clear Matte to prepare for weathering. They won’t be far behind the Cobra. Detail work on the rotors was accomplished today for both kits. I don’t foresee any extensive final assemblies out of any of the helicopters.

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