The Unexpected

The night was as close to being a wash as one could get until I mustered up enough energy to take the Cobra out to get some clear matte applied. I figured I could at least have the option to weather it tomorrow evening if I needed an easier project. Well, when in Rome. Already at the spray booth, I figured why not give the Eurocopter another go. I spent more time than I wanted to but I was not having a great time masking so it was well worth it. The airbrush wasn’t working the best but it was manageable.  It took some fiddling with the paint/reducer mixture as well as the air pressure, but it eventually worked. It’s not my greatest paint job but I think I can hide some mistakes in the weathering.

The Huey was next with the Olive Drab getting applied. I’m set now and feeling great with the Huey’s progress. It will get a good gloss coat tomorrow to prepare for decals. Since I had the Olive Drab locked and loaded already, I touched up a few thin spots on the Cobra that I overlooked the first time around.

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