Wings of Freedom Tour

It was another dormant day at the workbench today. I feel that I have earned some respite and to be quite honest, I was still kind of working on my models. Future models that is. Every year, the Collings Foundation comes to our local airport and displays some of their wonderful aircraft within their collection. The event is always anchored by the B-17G Flying Fortress (Nine O Nine) and the B-24J Liberator (Witchcraft). Both aircraft are open for walk-through tours and then flight tours in the late afternoon. Hefty prices for the flights but well worth the experience. I took a flight on EAA’s Aluminum Overcast B-17G a few years back and it was amazing.

Tagging along for the tour this year was a B-25 Mitchell (Tondelayo), a TF-51D Mustang (Toulouse Nuts), and a Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IX. The B-25 and Mustang were quite cool to see but I made a hasty b-line to the Spitfire to get a closer look. You really don’t see an airworthy Spitfire on American soil too often. It was a treat. It turns out that this particular aircraft is a double ace. Check out the link at the bottom of its history.

It was a nice hour and a half of research today watching all these historic aircraft. The B-25 and TF-51 were active and I got to see both take off and land. Just a great experience for my dad, son, and me to take in.

14 thoughts on “Wings of Freedom Tour

    • It wasn’t quite an airshow. Those are quite rare around me as well. Everyone wants their hands in the revenue which makes the cost too high. You would think the government would want the people paying for those aircraft to see them and get the younger generations inspired to fly them. That’s just my opinion.

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  1. Wow! I am so jealous! What a fantastic selection. At East Kirkby Museum they charge £200 to be in a Lancaster as it taxies around the airfield. It’s expensive but the places soon get booked up well in advance.

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