Clearing the Workbench

There is nothing like relaxing on a Saturday afternoon after having a productive morning. On a normal work day, I am up at 4:10am and don’t get home until about 6:00pm. Needless to say that I want to sleep in and be lazy on the weekends. There is a fine balance between being lazy and fulfilling the basic responsibilities of a homeowner though. The lawn was priority number one this morning before I could allow myself to do anything else. Once that was finished, my messy garage was next. Throughout the week I tend to do projects and just leave my tools out without putting them where they belong. Well, after about an hour of tidying up, I was finished and ready to start airbrushing.

The Eurocopter was first up with a quick coat of Sand. The needle in my airbrush was the culprit for the hassle given to me on the first painting attempt. The tip was bent slightly causing it to plug up and not allowing enough paint to travel through. That was quickly fixed and this time around was a success. There is one color remaining to spray for the camouflage and I will hopefully take care of that tomorrow.

The Cobra was next with another basic application of Olive Drab. So far so good. The paint applied well and I am feeling great about my progress here. This one will likely take precedence since all final paint has been accomplished. I would like to focus on getting the rotors addressed this evening if possible.

The Hind was next to get some attention today. Just minor stuff, but super important. The filler from yesterday was sanded and I applied some to the canopy to fill in the gaps. After the filler cured, I took it out to the spray booth for some primer. As you can see, it’s not at all bad. There will be some more cosmetic work to be done but it’s still right on track.

The Huey was next out to get some primer applied. I’m feeling pretty confident that I can start on final paint tomorrow. There is a yellow tail band and the nose will need some flat black before I can begin spraying any Olive Drab. That shouldn’t be too difficult and I will try to take care of that tomorrow.

Everything went so well today that I thought I would get a little more done on the A-10. The nose was sanded and I could still feel an unevenness so I added more filler. The engine nacelles were also part of the party with more filler getting applied. It felt great to add in another kit. I feel as though I am finally finding my way again.

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