Another Workbench Datenight

It wasn’t an award winning evening at the worbench but some production has been achieved. It was a minor night with some finalizing to be had on the Eurocopter and some decent strides to get to that same point on the Hind and Cobra. It feels great to be creating a new rhythm after my sabbatical of sorts.

So the Eurocopter went straight out to the spray booth for a complete once over with primer to check my work. This could be the real deal and I am hoping that I can get some time with it at the airbrush sometime tomorrow.

The Hind and Cobra both had some more gaps to fill. Small gaps but gaps nonetheless. Not a big deal to move on from. The Cobra should be good to go after those are taken care of. The Hind needs some more final construction but it won’t be far behind. I may take up some extra work with the Huey now that I am getting some decent separation between them all. 

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