Figuring It Out

Approaching this new A-10 build is as much the same as any ordinary build as it is different. The basics are all there but not even looking at the cockpit is a little out of wack for me. The cockpit parts remain on the sprues and will stay there. With the canopy eventually being painted, there will be no need for any visuals beyond that. 

The build-up is turning out to be mindless. Glue and stick. The fuselage halves, wings, and engine nacelles have all been assembled and I will sand them just like any other build. I didn’t add the turbines to the engines because they will be covered in the end. After the fact, I wish that I would have to form a barrier to fill the nacelles. Instead, I stuffed masking tape in each of the nacelles and then proceeded to fill them. I will sand them smooth and even to look like they are covered up. Sanding will be my main focus for the next few days. I would like to get the canopy dry-fitted as well.  For the most part, the build feels pretty simple for the time being. The true work will be in the final painting and weathering details.

6 thoughts on “Figuring It Out

  1. I appreciate your site whilst my age & shaky hands prevent me from painting anymore plus the $$ of kits are out of my price range these days 😉
    I still have a nice airdrome flying about my house hung from the ceiling of projects I built years ago.
    Thanks again 🙂

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    • Thank you! I agree on the price of kits. While some are certainly worth the premium, most I find are not. Hang in there. Academy just released a nice snap-tite F-4 that wouldn’t require paint. I think Hobby Boss has some decent ones too.


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