Simple Progression

Same story, different post. I am making progress so it’s not all rain clouds at the workbench. I am actually very pleased with my efforts after a good sanding session earlier this evening. The Hind was my main concern and I will admit that the shortcomings of this kit have been haunting me and keeping me from getting going on it. Sucking it up finally, I dove in tonight and gave it a good sanding. The nose needed re-glued for the second time so that was addressed as well. My feelings are much lighter now that I have taken the first steps. I think it will be better than I had originally thought. The nose will need to be sanded a bit and then I will get some primer applied to see where we stand.

The Blackhawk has been the other major player lately. The wind screen was installed earlier this week and you can see in the picture that the top of the door is missing. Well, it was a delicate fit that didn’t go so delicately. The instructions did direct me to install the wind screen before the door so it’s my fault. Not the best of scenarios but it looks like it should be a quick fix. So after that, the seams were filled on the top and bottom. I sanded them tonight and I think I have just a little more to go. After the door gets fixed, I will prime it and go from there.

The Eurocopter had a little work done with its belly seam getting fixed. Not totally, but we’re getting there. I think I will need at least one more round of filler to be satisfied. The paint scheme is still undecided on this build and I need to hurry it up. I will, of course, need some after market decals so I need to locate those as well. All in all a great build so far.

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