Getting My Hands Dirty

Progress has been trickling in the past couple of days and now the trickle is forming a nice sized puddle. The Cobra is the loner of the group with zero effort given to help it along. I figure I will address it when I get the other four well under way. Which, really, is now. Maybe I will tackle the Cobra tomorrow.

Until then, we’re getting things rolling on the rest and I am experiencing an array of results. I will start off with the Hind. I am a little disappointed in this kit. I expect more out of Hasegawa because of the premium that they demand. When I buy a kit, I expect to get what I pay for and this kit falls short in that department. The fuselage halves fit poorly resulting in some nasty gaps. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before so I am confident going into fixing the problem.

The Eurocopter was sanded last night and the entire belly seam was filled this evening. Not an encouraging sight but it shouldn’t be too big of a chore. The real progress came in the Blackhawk and Huey. They were both sanded last night with mixed results. More sanding will be needed but I wanted to get all the glass installed before I started to get primer sprayed. A lot less masking with that step out of the way. I am starting to settle in now and see my next steps more clearly. My goal tomorrow is to continue on with sanding as well as dig into the Cobra.

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