Well it’s been about two weeks since I last reported on the start of The Helicopter Project. I wouldn’t say a whole lot has progressed in the weeks, but I also wouldn’t say that nothing has been accomplished. The rigors of work are grinding down lately leaving me zero motivation for long sessions at the workbench. I’ve kept my time limits to a minimum and have seen some gains. The past two weeks haven’t been a total loss. 

So I started the builds out like I normally would with preliminary painting. From there I moved on to seats and cockpits which was easy enough. Quite a bit more seatbelts to work with. Once that mass project was done as a whole I was able to work individually on each kit. 

The Blackhawk was first up with the cockpit assembly. I quickly noticed the bleak interior and made the wise decision of affixing the doors closed. Maybe I should have looked for a PE set? Regardless, I will be moving forward from here. There are a few more details I want to add before the cockpit gets installed. 

The Eurocopter was next with a very inspiring run. The cockpit assembled well so I used the momentum to get the fuselage halves together. The seams are rough and need som TLC for sure. I’m happy to have this one progressing. 

The Huey has its cockpit partially assembled. The directions call for another bench behind the pilot/co-pilot seats and I am skeptical that a medevac would have the extra bench. It never hurts to double check. 

The Hind is right there with the rest with the basic cockpit assembled. More details need to be accomplished but for the most part it’s complete. The provided details are blah, so I will need to get creative. 

Lastly, the Cobra is my problem child. Well, I’m my problem child. I must confess that I have lost one of the seats. Same story, different kit. I’m moving on with a seat from an F-100 that will be highly modified for this build. More on that in a later post. Other than that, I haven’t really spent much time on this build beyond preliminary paint. I’m kind of handcuffed until I can get the second seat. Hopefully soon. 

8 thoughts on “Helicopters!

    • Oh man! It seems to come in waves now. I guess that’s why this is a hobby, right? At least I’m itching to get building as opposed to not having the desire. I should get some meaningful work done today. At least I hope I can!


  1. Looking at these Helicopter kits I’m wondering if you’ve ever read Whirlwind by James Clavell? Huge book, but very exciting. I still love your site, so much more interesting than 99.9%of the others!

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