One Inch At A Time

Workbench activity has come to a trickle over the past forty-eight hours or so. Not to worry because I am ever so close on both builds. 

The Beaufighter could have been finished yesterday but I didn’t want to rush through and risk a massive catastrophe. It’s actually all finished now with the marker lights being the last task to perform. I painted each wingtip the respective red and green so it would show through the clear part. I let that dry overnight and finished the Beaufighter off this morning. Final pictures tomorrow. 

The Betty is looking good. The engine nacelles were painted this morning and I began final assembly yesterday while I was waiting. More weathering has been added as well with the paint chips. The nacelles will get a coat of clear matte tonight and I probably won’t have a chance to do anything more until the weekend sometime. I took some rare overtime at work the next two days so the workbench will most likely be idled for a short time. I may just bring the nacelles to work and get them weathered on my downtime.  Regardless, I’m at the end and it feels good to see it all coming together. 

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