Painting: Step 2

Keeping up and not losing my footing is feeling great. By now I would have had multiple setbacks under the old regime. With my new approach, all is right and back to normal in the model building world. Now I know that eventually my luck will run out and I will have a catastrophe and that’s okay. It’s all part of the game we love so much.

So it was back out to the airbrush this morning to keep the flow going on the Beaufighter and Betty. I masked both builds off last night to prepare for today. The Betty was first at the airbrush with just the leading edges of the wings being painted yellow. I will easily get that masked off tomorrow to begin the final colors. The salt technique was ditched at the last minute because I want to see a slightly cleaner Betty. It won’t be factory fresh, but you certainly wouldn’t want to eat off of it.

The Beaufighter was straight forward with a coat of Middlestone. I will let it dry overnight and try to get the final color applied tomorrow afternoon. It won’t be much longer now.


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