As much as I would like to dive into The Helicopter Project, I’m finding it much wiser to clear my plate a bit first. Even with some free time opening up here and there I am fighting the urge to delve a little deeper. I’m sticking to my guns here and not allowing myself to get out of hand. The Mustang, Betty, and Beaufighter are first priority.

Proof that my approach is working for me, the Mustang has been put through the paces with paint being completed this morning. The past two mornings have been spent at the airbrush finalizing the longest paint job ever! All looks well and I applied a coat of clear gloss tonight to be prepared for decals tomorrow morning.

Next on the progress report is the Beaufighter. There hasn’t been a huge amount of work done but we’re getting there. Engine components were the main attraction today with basics getting attached to the aircraft. Preliminary paint of gear doors and such was accomplished today as well. I need to do some dry fitting on a few parts and some minor assembly on others before we can graduate to paint. This build is treating me quite well.

The Betty is flowing now with its wings attached. The wing roots look pretty good with minimal filler needed. I will give it a good sanding tomorrow and shoot some primer on after that. If all looks perfect, I will get an application of silver applied so I can use the salt technique during final paint.

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