Productive Workbench

The Mustang didn’t get painted today but with the progress that was made on the rest of my projects, I am pretty happy with the work completed this morning. It was nice to sit down at my workbench today and just finally sort through and prioritize the Betty, Beaufighter, and The Helicopter Project. 

The morning kicked off with the Betty.  The engine nacelles/gear bays were sanded and affixed to each wing. I haven’t applied any filler yet, but it will be needed. Some of the glass was installed to my delight. Some filler will be needed in those areas as well but for the most part all looks well. I refrained from attaching the waist blisters until after I know the wing roots are acceptable. That should come later in the week. The main focus now is to get the wings finished and attached. 

The Beaufighter saw minimal work done with the canopy getting masked and attached. The aircraft is pretty close to paint worthy as it sits. The engines and engine nacelles need to be addressed before I can shift over. Until then, I will concentrate on the little tasks needed to get there.

The progress achieved on the Betty and Beaufighter became a great motivation for me today. That said, getting all the helicopters on their respective work boards and ready for preliminary paint was even greater of an accomplishment. I am definitely still out of my element but I am learning. Today’s work calmed me down a lot and I feel better about my approach. So preliminary paint will be performed tomorrow and we’ll go from there.

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