Back At It

The workbench has been in a bit of a funk lately and I am hoping that the thirty minutes spent attending to the Betty and Beaufighter this afternoon will be what I need to inject some life into these builds.

Over the last few weeks, I have slowly progressed on both builds. The Beaufighter has had its wings attached and wing roots filled and sanded. This afternoon saw the horizontal stabilizers attached. I’m feeling good about how things are coming together so far. Tomorrow will see some minor preliminary painting of landing gear, engines, and propellers. I would like to get the glass masked and dry fitted as well as some miniscule  sanding on the vertical stabilizer. 

The Betty has left a very relieved grin on my face. All gaps have been filled along the upper and lower fuselage seams. That was actually finished up about a week ago. So today was focused on the wings. I wanted to attach them this afternoon but I opted not to so I can have more leverage with the engine nacelle/gear bays. There will be some sanding before I can attach them to each respective wing. After that will be some filling and sanding. That will be addressed tomorrow. My goal is to have the nacelles attached to the wings and the first application of filler applied to the gaps. All the glass will be a priority tomorrow like the Beaufighter. 

So do you remember the British Mustang? I sure do! Well good news about it at least. It is all masked and ready to be re-painted to cover the yellow overspray. I would really love to take care of that tomorrow but we all know how lazy I get when it comes to my airbrush. Here’s hoping!

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