2017, Post #1

Yikes! It’s 2017 already. Well, belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone. Last year was certainly a roller coaster for me so I am hoping this year will be better on the workbench. I haven’t quite gone over the list of builds from 2016 yet but I can guarantee that I didn’t come close to my productivity from 2014 & 2015. The new house was a worthy excuse that I am still using. Nevertheless, I was able to get some good builds in and that’s what counts.

So the last week and a half saw little activity at the workbench. My British Mustang still sits awaiting a third paint job. We’ll see what the week brings. I am hoping to get out to the garage tomorrow. The whole aircraft shouldn’t need painted. Only the overspray areas. The rest should go very quick for my first build of the year.

The Helicopter project remains on schedule with some diligent work here and there. I have the basics cut from the sprues and most of the wind screens masked. I have quickly come to realize that I am out of my element here and will need to study up on my helicopters. The little things are what worry me. Colors of the cockpit, instruments, and tiny details are the main concern. I will get there. There are a few books in my collection that I can peruse through along with internet searches. Regardless, this is good for me. I need to step out of the box every now and then. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some armour coming to the workbench. I may have to change my site name if this becomes a regular occurrence!

The real progress comes in the Beaufighter and Betty. It may not look like much, but I have slowly been going through the motions with the fuselage sanding on both builds. The Betty is coming along with a fresh application of filler. The Beaufighter passed with only two small gaps to be filled tonight. They were so minor that I decided to install the wings. Major confidence boost there! The wing roots look good so I think it should move along nicely from here.

5 thoughts on “2017, Post #1

  1. I was thinking about a conversational comment we had from a long past post of yours. The one where I stated I thought it would be cool if you could take a “from above” photo of a finished project with trees of other real world ground cover below. To see what it would have looked like to enemy planes looking down on a plane from above. I had another thought of this. Perhaps one of these new helicopter drones could lift a model up in the air with some sort of fishing line, then take photos looking back down at the model from above. One could practice up over a beach, with a model plane colored for desert camo. Just a thought. —Mark—

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    • Oh yikes! Imagine if the drone lost control. That’d be a story to tell! Great idea but I think I’d be too chicken to put my own models through that. I have been thinking of your original idea though. I’d like to make a universal base that I could use for the majority of my builds to get a more lifelike set of photos with nature as my background. We’ll see. I may have to create a couple bases.

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