Ju-86 D-1

This build took an uncanny amount of time to get through the workbench. My procrastination was the culprit for most of that time but that’s with all my builds lately. But realistically, I should have been finished weeks ago with a fairly easy build. 

I’m quite happy with the results here. The camouflage scheme is superb and I will be scouring the internet to see if there were any more aircraft with this scheme. The added brown makes a very nice difference. The only bummer of the build were the decals with a little silvering. After market decals will be used for the next one. All in all, I think it came out well. Now it’s time to finish the Mustang. 

26 thoughts on “Ju-86 D-1

  1. You have done an excellent job here and it was well worth waiting for. As you say, the camouflage is absolutely brilliant. It would have been used, I would think, on any other bombers of the period such as perhaps the Dorniers and Heinkels used in the Spanish Civil War.

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