Gaining Ground

Big updates at the workbench since my last post. All the ground that had previously been lost has been gained back with a solid campaign of diligent  work. So where do I begin? 

We’ll start with my dance with the P-51. I will be the first to admit it. I am a nincompoop. After I repainted the P-51, I was still uneasy with the outcome. I should have listened to Plane Dave on this one. Live and learn. The second color was too light this time so I did a little more research and I deduced that the original color was the correct one. So here we are…again. Back to the original gray with the RAF Dark Green applied this morning.  I shot it with an application of clear gloss this evening so it will be ready for decals tomorrow.

Other good news is the Bf-109 and Hs-129 getting their decals applied. The Romanian markings on the Bf-109 were superb and look fantastic. Both kits were sprayed with clear matte and will be ready for weathering first thing tomorrow. the P-40 had half of its decals applied today as well. I took a break to let the first half dry so I don’t ruin them. The second half will get applied tomorrow. So far so good though. 

The Ju-86 has been chugging along nicely as well. All painting has been completed and a coat of clear gloss was applied tonight for decal application tomorrow. Lots of masking has been performed the last few days with a classic German scheme. Decals are on the docket for tomorrow along with getting ready for final assembly. I’d say I’m sitting exactly where I need to be now.

22 thoughts on “Gaining Ground

  1. This is a fantastic set of builds, I struggle to remain focused when building multiple kits, constantly switching between kits so I end up getting very little achieved. That Romanian scheme on the 109 is going to look top notch when complete, it’s already looking great.

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  2. Hi, I am wondering if you have ever built a model from the Russian Model Companies. I just bought a Yak-3 from a Russian Company. Any tips for when I’m building it? It will be my first model project. Thank You!

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    • Hello. I haven’t built any Russian made kits yet but I do have a couple Zvezda kits that look fantastic. The Yak-3 is a great choice. I’ve been searching for a good kit of it lately. My advice is to take your time and have fun with it.

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