Well, my high hopes for last weekend turned out to be just that. Hopes. One thing led to another and here we are. I really dropped the ball on these builds with some poor planning. Normally I’m more methodical about building but I kind of built more on the fly here and the boo boos are surfacing. By no means are my inconsistencies near fatal, just costing me time. 

So we’ll start with the P-40. Now this kit should have been finished if it wasn’t for me thinking I could install the canopy last and just paint it by hand. There were some minor gaps that needed filling and thus will require some touching up. Not such a huge deal but annoying nonetheless. 

Next we have the P-51. Same deal but I’m okay with this one. I had the same bad idea of installing the canopy last with this one as well. The only thing making it slightly better is that the whole topside will be repainted in the correct color. The Academy directions called for US colors and that doesn’t fly well with me. I did a search and it said to use Dark Ocean Gray. To me it’s way too dark. If I’m wrong, please let me know so I can keep it. So I need to get that fixed before I can resume. 

Aside from those two debacles, the Hs-129, Ju-86, and Bf-109 are all set to go. The canopy was installed on the Bf-109 and filled where needed. I’m aiming for an early morning airbrush session tomorrow before I fatten myself up. 

11 thoughts on “Bleh…

  1. You could try some scale lightening. For 1/72 you could add a lot of white to the base color, maybe 1/3 of the mix?
    In 1/48 I usually add from 10-20% white.

    I don’t know right off what the US/British equivalent color was for an American made Mustang III, but Dark Ocean Grey does sound right. It may have even varied between Dallas and Burbank.

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