Perfect Morning

Today couldn’t have been a better day at the workbench. The flow was alive and thriving with progress achieved on every kit. It’s days like today that can inject a big boost of confidence into a build.

The setup actually began yesterday afternoon when I cleaned and assembled my airbrush for today’s paint work. The Ju-86, Hs-129, P-40, P-51, and Bf-109 all were first priority this morning with a mad session at the airbrush. The bellies of the Hs-129, P-40, and P-51 have been painted and will need masked off tomorrow. The Ju-86 and Bf-109 needed some RLM04 applied before I can get to their undersides. I will mask the yellow off tomorrow and hopefully get another airbrush session going.

That wasn’t the end of the day at the workbench. First things first. I scanned through the two Beaufighter kits and as we suspected…the same. I swapped out the boxes and all is well. 

The Beaufighter and Betty had their cockpits assembled and installed to one side of the fuselage. I taped the other side on to make sure of an even fit. I’ll give it a few hours to set up and then attach the other side of the fuselage halves. With the rest of the builds in paint, I should have quite a bit of free time to get these two rolling along.

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