The Tale Of Two Beaufighters

The ongoing search for the needed decals for the Beaufighter has come to a surprising and pleasant end. When I look for decals, I really only look for aftermarket options. This experience has opened my eyes to a new avenue to the way that I search for my decals. While it isn’t always the most feasible option, it worked out for the good this time around.

The current Beaufighter on the workbench is boxed as a U.S.A.A.F. variant and thus comes with U.S. markings. My desire is to build it as a British Beaufighter resulting in the decal search. Now surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of solid options out there. The best available choice was a $15.00 set that I wasn’t crazy about but it would have done the job. That’s not a good recipe for a happy build so I decided to hold off for a bit.

In my eBay saved searches, the Beaufighter graces one of those slots and it just so happened that another Hasegawa Mk.VI kit came across with a $19.44 price tag. For about $5.00 more I get a complete kit and a set of decals. My guess is that the two kits are identical except for the markings. If I’m right, I will just swap the boxes and decals and we’re set. If I’m wrong, well, we’ll see.

6 thoughts on “The Tale Of Two Beaufighters

  1. The only obvious difference I see between those two is the length of the intakes above the engine. And I bet you’re exactly right. Knowing Hasegawa they will likely have both intakes in both boxes.

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