Two More From WWII

With the five current builds at a safer point in construction, I feel comfortable enough to get started with two more builds. The fact that all that I have been building lately is WWII aircraft didn’t alter my choice at all. Nine of the past ten have been from that era but these next two just had to be attempted.

First up is Hasegawa’s 1/72 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI. This kit has been about four years in the making. It’s been on my saved eBay search list for that long and I just acquired this kit a month ago. The build looks great and I can’t wait to get started. This particular Beaufighter calls for American markings which will not be applied. Maybe another time but my first rendition of this aircraft will properly be in British markings. That calls for some aftermarket decals that I need to search for. This should turn into a fun one. 

The next build will be Hasegawa’s 1/72 Mitsubishi G4M1 Type 1 Betty. I’ve really enjoyed building some Japanese aircraft in the past and I’m excited to try a larger example. This build has been waiting in line for about a year now so it was the perfect time to pair it with the Beaufighter.

The kit looks promising. Not a whole lot on the inside but we really won’t see any of that stuff. The outside looks well enough. Raised panel lines aren’t my favorite but certainly not a deal breaker. I think the results will be fantastic. I’m thinking of trying the salt technique again for this build. Some intensive research will be done first to make it look authentic of course. Overall, I think I’ve got two more solid WWII aircraft to add to my shelves. 

14 thoughts on “Two More From WWII

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve put anything like that together, probably 50 years or more. I’m glad someone is still interested in this fine art of construction. It’s nice to see someone is doing something other than punching buttons on a cell phone or other computer-based device. Good for you.
    And I’d like to thank you for visiting my f-stop fantasy blog while I’m at it.

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