The Workbench Resumes

Ahhh…the weekend. With an extra four hours of sleep today, I am ready to start my day off refreshed with my eyes wide open. Well, after I drink my coffee of course. I really don’t expect to get too much done today. Saturdays are usually busy around the Amateur Airplanes household but I can definitely fit a little project like more sanding in. And that project is seemingly never ending. 

Last night actually saw a little progress develop. The primed airplanes were dutifully inspected with mixed results. The P-40 and Hs-129 are good to go in their own rights. The Hs-129 will transition over to paint this weekend while the P-40 can receive its wings. The P-51, Bf-109, and Ju-86 all had finite blemishes to address. I added some filler and that provides the basis of today’s work. All three should be able to move on after today. Now, tomorrow afternoon should be a busy day at the workbench.

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