Reduced Capacity 

As I stated in my last post, the week has become busy as usual pushing the models to the back burner. I’m at a point with the Hs-129 and Ju-86 where I need some more in depth time dedicated to them leaving them idle for now. The F-18 is the same in that I don’t want to rush through final assembly with such limited time to give. Basically, I’m running and gunning here. And what better subjects to use that method on than the new builds?

The P-51, Bf-109, and P-40 all saw there time on the workbench yesterday. Basic stuff for now. The cockpits are completed and semi-installed. I just affixed them to one half of the fuselage and then taped the second half on to ensure proper placement. That’s it for now. The wings will be my next tiny project to address. The leading edge seams need sanded and that’s an easy enough job. The fuselage halves will also be put together tonight. 

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