New Beginnings 

Aside from the F-18, I guess you can definitively proclaim that I am on a WWII kick lately. Even further proof to back that theory up are my next three chosen builds. My original plan was to slip a Vietnam era A-6 Intruder into the next set but that will come after these current three newcomers. 

Without further ado, first up is Academy’s 1/72 P-51B Mustang. Although the “D” variant gets the bulk of the attention, I like the earlier ones just the same. This “B” example will be in British colors and markings. I like the Brit skin on the P-51 so I’m excited to see this one through. The kit itself looks great. I’ve built it and the other variants from Academy in the past so I’m quite familiar with this model. I expect a good build out of this one. 

The second kit will be Academy’s 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf109E. Again, I will be bucking the typical markings and using an aftermarket decal set of Romanian markings. It’ll be a fresh Bf109 addition to my shelf. The kit is typical Academy. Fine moulds and craftsmanship. I don’t foresee having any trouble here. 

Lastly, we have Hasegawa’s 1/72 P-40N Warhawk “15,000th Anniversary”. This particular aircraft depicts the 15,000th  P-40 produced by Curtiss. The unique paint job features all of the Allied countries national insignia that flew aircraft made by Curtiss. Now I’m not one to go looney over a novelty scheme such as this, but I think it’ll be a pretty neat build to add a different angle of history to my shelves. 

The kit looks good so far. It’s what you’d expect to see when you open a Hasegawa kit. This will be my first P-40 build from them. It should be pretty smooth. The decals, however, will take some time to apply. All the different insignia come as groups on one decal. I don’t like using that big of decals with so much dead space so I will be trimming each nation out and applying them separately. I don’t want to chance any silvering in all that dead space of the decal.

All in all I think I’ve got a good trio of builds going here. I’d like to get started with preliminary paint tonight but I won’t get ahead of myself. I do have three other builds to finish up. The F-18 will hopefully get weathered tonight and finished up this weekend. The Ju86 and Hs129 still need their wings addressed and then I can move forward on them. A lot of moving parts at the workbench but that’s a good thing. 

18 thoughts on “New Beginnings 

  1. Good Lord, I thought I had alot on the go! 🙂

    The mustang is one of my favourite WW2 fighters although I do prefer the later variants.

    Looking forward to your P40. I’m waiting for the Airfix 1/48 P40 to arrive (on pre-order) which will be done in North Africa RAF livery including shark mouth 🙂

    I’ve got another of those damned Italeri 1/48 Tornados to build first (glutton for punishment) this time in desert camo.

    I have decided to try spraying my next plane. I have always brush painted mine and to be fair the results aren’t too bad but want to give spraying a try. Far quicker on the big 1/48 jets!!!

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    • I always try to have a few kits going in some stage of construction. I’m sure you’ve learned some tricks from the last Tornado so that will be very valuable. I look forward to seeing it. I like the desert scheme Tornadoes and Jaguars. It suits them well.


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