Resuming The Builds

Activity has been scarce here at Amateur Airplanes for the past few days now. Some decal work on the F-18 has been the only forward motion to be attempted. Even that ended up being cut short. Not all of the decals were the proper color, leaving them to blend in with the fuselage color. Primarily the lower Light Ghost Gray. I applied all that I possibly could and called it a day. I picked up where I left off this morning by scavenging from the spares box and even cannibalizing from other F-18 kits. Still, many decals were left un-applied. Regardless, I think the basics will suffice. On I will go and finish up.

The Ju-86 and Hs-129 were sanded and had their wings affixed today. The fuselage seams look pretty nice, the wings are another story on both aircraft. The Hs-129’s wings are better off but needed some pre-attachment surgery and now require filler in those areas. The Ju-86 looks decent. I will say that much. They will require some due diligence to complete but I’m up for the task. The gaps on the underside of the wing roots are bigger than I would like so I might add some extra sprue to give the wings more strength. Other than the wing issues, I’m sitting pretty solid. They will get tackled in the next few days so hopefully I can move on by mid-week.

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