Strong Start

After a nice session at the workbench I am sitting pretty good on the three active builds. The F-18 was painted for what I hope is the last time this morning. It’s looking pretty good so I think I’m past the problem now. The real progress came with the newcomers.

Both the Ju-86 and Hs-129 are moving along quite well. The interiors have been very active and I am close to joining the fuselage halves on both kits. Both aircraft have their wings assembled as well as engine nacelles. Preliminary paint has been completed and that’s where we stop. Both builds are moving quite fastidiously as you can see. It helps that I don’t need to detail up the cockpits as they will be mainly unseen. I’ll add some seatbelts but that’s about all. I’m well aware that production will slow down once the sanding and filling come into play but I am very grateful for such a solid start. Both kits are shaping up into great builds.

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