Time For Some New Recruits

With the F-18 going through its growing pains right now, I thought that this would be the most opportunistic time to start some new model kits. The F-18 did make it back out to the airbrush today but I just wasn’t satisfied with the color that I mixed. It looked just a tad too dark for my liking after the paint had dried. I feel I can afford to be picky here since the build itself has been a gem and it’s just a matter of mixing just a slightly lighter color. Accuracy all the way! I will start over in the morning on that front.

But now onto new business. The beginning of May was the last time that I started anything new and my approach to the two that I chose was just to build something that I liked. There was no criteria involved, just build for the love of the subject. So with that, and coming off the Stuka build, I chose two more WWII German aircraft. Both 1/72 Italeri kits, the next two on the workbench are the Junkers Ju-86 D1 and the Henschel HS-129 B3. 

Both kits look great out of the box. I’m always happy to be working with an Italeri kit. Nice quality products. The Ju-86 is the “Vintage” re-release that came out recently. The only vintage feel to it is the boxing and the instructions. It seems like a solid build so far with just the basics getting addressed. I hope to take a deeper dive into it tomorrow.

The HS-129 looks fairly wonderful as well. Just the basics have been accomplished for the moment but I will get more involved alongside the Ju-86. The real allure to this aircraft is the obvious anti-tank gun attached to the belly. Scary. Kind of like a mini AC-130 Spectre. I’m excited to see this kit going full throttle.  

13 thoughts on “Time For Some New Recruits

  1. I like the look of these two. Can’t wait to see that tank buster built 🙂

    Sadly my recent experience of Italeri is not so good, nearly finished my 1/48 Tornado but the kit was dreadful, poor fitting parts, huge gaps to fill, dire design of folding wings and weak swivelling pylons that snapped off while painting. It does look good now it is nearing completion though.

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    • I’m sorry to hear that. I usually have good luck with them. I do find that when I build a swing-wing plane that I always have a little trouble with them. Maybe it’s all in my head. We all have those dreaded project builds though. I’m glad you saw it through. It makes it that much better when you’re all finished.


      • I’m still having problems with it. A wheel bent and snapped off its axle yesterday and that is without any of the stores fitted yet. Damn heavy model already as it needed 30g of fishing weight in the nose. Then one of the blasted swivelling tailplanes broke off while painting the varnish on tonight AARRGGHH. The pin was only about 2mm thick which in plastic was never going to work considering the sheer size of those tailplanes in 1/48. I’m planning to start decals on it tomorrow. I’ll be glad to see the end of this model. Will stick to WW2 fighters in future after I’ve finished the Lynx Helo and the Eurofighter Typhoon. WW2 fighters are much more rugged models. Modern jets are just too fragile as models. Part of the problem is, unlike you, I have no dedicated modelling bench so I make my models on the dining table which means constantly moving them about the house between ‘modelling time’. Every time a model is moved there is a risk of damage and my Tornado which has taken a month so far has been moved hundreds of times. Even when finished they are still moved a lot because my wife needs to dust the shelves. My WW2 stuff has survived years of handling.

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      • I feel your pain. Only recently have I obtained a dedicated workspace. I went through your routine as you said, HUNDREDS!!!, of times. Broken parts, missing parts….not fun. At least you’re still building and persevering through it. You’ll be glad when the Tornado is finished and all that hard work produced a good looking kit. I think any kit that requires ballast to keep it sitting down should come with metal landing gear. Just my opinion.


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