Mitsubishi Ki-15-I Babs

That sound you hear is my massive sigh of relief. This is my first completed build since the end of April. Four months! If you are a regular here, then you know that that is by far my longest dry spell. Life happens and it happened to me. 

The transition back into the building process turned out to be rough and foreign to me. Eventually I gained my muscle memory back and followed through with what was started so long ago. 

From what I can remember about the build, this was a great kit. I don’t recall any issues from this build. Arri models did a nice job with this kit. I built it straight from the box and I think it came out quite well. I don’t build a lot of Japanese aircraft so I’m happy to add it to the collection.

My original plan was to give this Babs a camouflage paint scheme. Normally I am all over that option. This one however, I just wanted that classic Japanese look. I even toned down the weathering. Instead of using the usual black pastels on the panel lines, I used a dark gray. It gave it a subtle, “just enough” look. The camouflage variant can be done later on. I think I made the right choice.

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